Alex & Eugenia

Scott is an active, responsible and experienced realtor. We had a bad time during our first attempt to buy a house and almost gave up after it failed, but then we saw a nice house and immediately contacted Scott Stephens. Since then our buying experience became comfortable and enjoyable. First we had to win a competition from several bids for the house and Scott proved to be very proactive and successful in doing that. He was always available for questions and responded promptly to our calls. When he had to travel for a couple of days, he left contacts to support us with the process and was constantly in touch with us. He was always upbeat and never refused or failed to explain tricky parts of buying process to newbies like us. Especially we appreciate his assistance in dealing with the bank. After our previous unlucky experience we didn’t expect obtaining a loan could be so smooth and quick. Now we love our new house more and more and appreciate Scott’s help in buying it.

— Alex & Eugenia